CEI Enterprises

Concrete Equipment:

RexConToday’s RexCon, Inc can trace its roots back to the Chain Belt Company, first incorporated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1892.

In the 1960s, Chain Belt Company became Rex Chainbelt Inc. In the 1970's, the company sold its Construction Machinery Division to an employee-owned company called Rexworks, Inc. Around 1992, Rexworks divested the concrete paving and concrete batching product line to ‘RexCon: A Division of Rose Industries.’

In 2003, John ‘Jake’ Jacob and Mike Redmond, RexCon’s Illinois-based distributors at Illinois Aggregate, decided to buy the company. They changed the name to just ‘RexCon’. In 2017, they decided to join the Astec Industries family of companies.

Heaters and Asphalt Equipment:

灵缇加速器 安卓Heatec was formed in 1977 as a company dedicated to building heaters and tanks for road construction. Astec created the company by a merger with a small asphalt service company it had acquired earlier.

Heatec manufactures and markets a broad line of heaters and liquid storage tanks. These products are used at facilities that produce and supply materials for road construction, mostly hot-mix asphalt (HMA) plants, asphalt terminals, emulsion terminals and concrete producers. Other Heatec products are used by numerous other industries unrelated to road construction.

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